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WebSecLab Setup

For several of our assignments this semester, we will be using an environment called WebSecLab.  It will allow you to explore various security weaknesses by developing related exploits.  WebSecLab consists of two parts – a virtual machine that you run on your local computer, and a cloud service where you can upload your progress.  You will want to go ahead and install WebSecLab and make sure that everything works to prepare yourself for those exercises.  Here are some steps to getting everything setup.

1.Download and install VirtualBox.  VirtualBox is an environment that will let you run virtual machines (software images of a computer) on your local host.

2. Download the WebSecLab VM.  You will do your exercises within this virtual machine.

3. Setup and start the virtual machine within VirtualBox.  (Use File / Import Appliance)

4. Start the virtual machine and open the Chromium browser within the Virtual Machine.

5. Follow the links to setup and activate a WebSecLab account.  After pressing the “ActivateVM” button, the webseclab UI will appear in the browser.  The class information that you need is available on Piazza.

If you have any problems, post to Piazza, and we will see what we can do.

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